A First Course wins the 2017 ABTA Book of the Year Award for Beginner/Intermediate Level

Jul 21st, 2017

We want to wish a happy congratulations to Bill Treble for his win.

The American Bridge Teachers' Association presents "Bridge Book of the Year" awards for beginner to intermediate-level players and advanced-level players. To read about the award ceremony visit bridgeblogging.com for some great pictures and more.

About Defending at Bridge: A First Course: Just the facts, ma’am. The basics of defense at bridge in eight short, clearly explained lessons, with lots of practical examples. Topics include opening leads, signaling, second- and third-hand play, and discards. Defending at Bridge: A First Course is the first of two in the series. Two-over-One: A First Course covers all aspects of switching over to a 2/1 Game-forcing approach.