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We will work with you to solve any problem you may encounter. However, if you are dissatisfied in any way, contact us and we will provide a credit or a refund depending on the nature of the problem.
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We need to keep accurate records of all of the purchases made on our website and therefore require that all customers set themselves up with an account before they purchase their eBook. In the event that there is a problem that requires technical support, we need to have an accurate record of your order.
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Since Master Point Press is based in Canada, we are required to charge GST on all sales to Canadian customers. There are no taxes for international orders.
To find your downloads, first log in to your account, then select "My account" at the top right menu. Your recent orders will be displayed at the top of the window. Click on the "View" button to see more details on your order. Click on the "Download" button to download your purchases. Once you start the download, you may be prompted to choose where to save the file. If not, depending on your device, it will be saved in your internet browser or your device’s \“Downloads\” folder.
Most likely, your eBook has downloaded. The usual locations are your “Downloads” folder for either your device (tablet or phone) or for the internet browser on your computer. However, you have 3 free downloads, so most likely you can just download the eBook again. You must download and save the file locally. Previewing the PDF may not download the file to your device permanently, so please be sure to download the file and save it somewhere familiar on your computer.
Оur recent purchases will be listed under your account information. Click "My Account" to see a list of all of your recent purchases.
Yes. For printed books and software on CD-ROM, please contact your local bookstore or bridge supplier.
All our software runs under Windows, and does not support the Macintosh OS. For more information on the requirements for our software packages, visit the specific product page for the software that you are interested in purchasing. If in doubt, contact us at
As soon as your payment with PayPal has cleared, you will be re-directed back to our website. You can download your eBook and software immediately from your My Account page. In some cases, PayPal puts a hold on the payment and does not transfer the funds immediately. As soon as the payment has completed, the download will be activated. If this does not happen, please contact and we will investigate the order.
The software packages are designed for a specific screen size and resolution. The only way to increase the size of the font is to decrease your screen resolution. Our software packages will run on a screen resolution as low as 600 pixels high by 800 pixels wide.
There is a known display issue with some of the software packages that causes text and background boxes to display smaller than they should appear. This error happens when the program window is moved around on screen using a large resolution. To correct the problem, close the software and re-open it. Do not move around the program window. You may also wish to reduce your screen resolution to make the program appear larger on the screen.