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Winners of the 2023 American Bridge Teachers’ Book of the Year Award

Master Point Press is delighted to announce this year’s winners of the 2023 American Bridge Teachers’ Book of the Year Award:In the Advancing Beginner category, the winner is Step by Step: Playing Suit Contracts by Robert Berthe and Norbert Lébely, translated by Ray Lee.In the Intermediate category, the winner is Twelve Important Bridge Lessons on Declarer Play by David Bird.Runners up include Fra

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Jan 4th, 2024

Bridge with Another Perfect Partner wins IBPA Book of the Year

We are pleased to announce that Bridge with Another Perfect Partner by John Carruthers has won the coveted 2022 IBPA Book of the Year Award. Bridge with a Perfect Partner, by P. F. Saunders, was published in 1976. Many read and delighted in Saunders’ articles in Bridge Magazine (U.K.), and Saunders’ character Wilson, according to the flyleaf of the book, is “... an austere character

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Dec 14th, 2022

Interview with author Norbert Lébely on his series Step by Step

The ‘Step by Step’ PhenomenonLarousse de Bridge, published in France in 1995, claims that the Step by Step books have sold several hundred thousand of copies. The books have been translated into Italian, German and Spanish, and now into English. Over the years, they have continued to be bestsellers. We asked co-author, Norbert Lébely, to elaborate on why he thinks this series has found such succes

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Oct 5th, 2022

2022 ABTA Teacher of the Year Linda Tuff

Congratulations to the 2022 ABTA Teacher of the Year, Linda Tuff!! She was awarded at the American Bridge Teachers' Convention in Providence, Rhode Island. The Teacher of the Year Award, sponsored by Master Point Press, recognizes excellence in bridge teaching, with teacher nominations submitted from all over North America. Many thanks to this year's committee.  

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Jul 22nd, 2022

ABTA Book of the Year

Here at Master Point Press, we're happy to announce that Play it Safe! by Barbara Seagram and David Bird is this year's Intermediate Book of the Year!    Authors David Bird and Mark Smith were also presented with the Outstanding Collection - Intermediate award for their ten-book Bridge Cardplay: An Easy Guide series.

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Jul 15th, 2022

IBPA Books of the Year

Master Point Press is delighted to announce that two MPP books share the 2021 IBPA Book of the Year award: Bridge at the Top, by Samantha Punch, and Bridge with a Twist, by Simon Cochemé. Samantha Punch has also won Personality of the Year for her work on BAMSA, while the Truscott award goes to the Scottish Open team in the European qualifier. Congratulations also to MPP author Alex Adamson, who

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Dec 22nd, 2021

ABTA Book of the Year Awards

Congratulations to the winners of the 2021 American Bridge Teachers' Association's Book of the Year awards! We're pleased to announce the following Master Point Press winners: Barbara's Bridge Tips by Barbara Seagram is the winner of the Intermediate Book of the Year award! Runner-up in the intermedia

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Aug 18th, 2021

Register now for the June 2021 BAMSA conference

Led by Samantha Punch, professor of sociology at the University of Stirling, Bridge: A MindSport for All (BAMSA) is an academic, research-led project that explores the social world of bridge and the benefits of mindsport. BAMSA has three key goals: to transform the image of bridge, to encourage more people of all ages to play, to ensure the card game continues to thrive. In order t

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Jun 3rd, 2021

Gaining the Mental Edge at Bridge wins the 2020 IBPA Book of the Year Award

Announced today in a virtual conference of the International Bridge Press Association, Kim Frazer's book, Gaining the Mental Edge at Bridge, has won the 2020 IBPA Book of the Year Award. We want to express our congratulations to Kim Frazer on her win. Gaining the Mental Edge at Bridge by Kim Frazer "Bridge players spend countless hours working on bidding conventions and card play

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Dec 12th, 2020

The Setting Trick Podcast Episode 20 - Kim Frazer

Earlier this year, Kim Frazer, author of Gaining the Mental Edge at Bridge, sat down with John McAllister of The Setting Trick podcast."In this conversation on The Setting Trick podcast, Kim shares how she has adapted the mental techniques that brought her success in shooting to the bridge table. Kim’s rise as bridge player is a great example for athletes who crave competition - drawing on her exp

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Oct 29th, 2020

MPP merges with 52 Entertainment

We are very excited to announce that Master Point Press is now a part of the 52 Entertainment Group, based in France. The Group is strategically focussed on bridge and similar games, and includes Bridge Base Online, FunBridge, and French-language book and magazine publisher, Le Bridgeur, among others. This move will open up new markets for our books and authors, as well as the possibility

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Oct 22nd, 2020

IBPA Book of the Year Awards Shortlist announced!

The IBPA has released the short list for the 2020 Book Award, and two Master Point Press titles are included: 1) Defense on the Other Hand (David Bird and Larry Cohen) This follow-up volume to On the Other Hand uses the same approach to defense as the first book used for declarer play: pairs of deals are shown – one described by Bird and the other by Cohen. The deals look similar (in

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Sep 14th, 2020