An eBook is an electronic copy of your favorite book title. The content is identical but there are extra features in our eBooks, such as bookmarks and links between problems and solutions.

You can download eBooks and read them immediately. In most cases, they are cheaper than their printed counterparts. eBooks also offer the convenience of portability since you can store your own personal library of eBooks on your PC, laptop or handheld device.

An eBook is compact and portable, so you can carry hundreds of eBooks on your PDA or portable computer.

They cannot be lost or stolen.

They have hyperlinks that make them easy to navigate.

You can download them immediately after you purchase them.

They are usually less expensive than paper books.

You can find the exact book you want - it is always in stock.

You can use the eBook on any personal computer, including both PC and Apple computers, laptop, tablet or hand-held device. However, if you are using a hand-held with a small screen it may limit your reading experience. You can use your eBook on any device that can read the eBook file format.

The eBook has exactly the same content as the original book, although it may have been updated with recent corrections. Some of the eBooks also have built-in hyperlinks. These hyperlinks allow you to move quickly and easily to your desired location in the book. We have placed hyperlinks on useful pages, such as quizzes, connecting the questions and answers. Our eBooks also have bookmarks that allow you to move quickly to a particular chapter or subsection.
There is no catch! We at eBooksBridge.com understand that the PDF, ePub and MOBI formats have their advantages and disadvantages, and we do not want our readers to have to choose just one -- we want you to enjoy reading your eBooks! That's why we have decided to make all three versions available together for one price. This also takes away the anxiety about purchasing the "wrong" type of file.

A PDF format is an electronic copy of the printed book; the placement of items such as text, bridge hands or auctions on the page is static. This makes the PDF format ideal for printing, and possibly viewing on your computer monitor. A PDF format is more difficult to read on small readers where the page size of the reader is not as large as the original book, because the PDF doesn't scale easily to be viewed on different sized monitors.

An ePub format, on the other hand, is a long stream of text and images that can be re-flowed easily to different page and font sizes for viewing. Having text that re-flows makes increasing font sizes while maintaining readability much easier. This makes the ePub format ideal for electronic reading devices such as the iPad, Kobo, and other tablets.

MOBI is the proprietary Kindle eBook format made for their Kindle App and the Kindle eReader. This also uses re-flowable text and images. Your Kindle reader and the Kindle App will not read the ePub format.

If you are downloading to a desktop or laptop, you probably already have a PDF reader installed. If not, you can download a free one fromAdobe. PDF files have a fixed font and page size, so may not be as comfortable to read on a device with a smaller screen such as a tablet.

If you want to read eBooks on a tablet, then download an ePub reader such as Adobe Digital Editions or Apple Books and use our ePub version.

If you own a Kindle device or the Kindle App, you\'ll want to use our MOBI version.

Yes. Your Macintosh already has a PDF reader built into the system so you should not need to install any software to read your eBook in PDF format. However, in some cases, Apple's PDF reader "Preview" may have difficulty displaying some of our eBooks. We recommend that you download Adobe Acrobat reader if you experience difficulties with opening your eBook. On your iPad or iPhone, the Apple Books app (available from the Apple Store) will read ePub files.

Yes. We have not placed any printing restrictions on the eBooks. In most cases, the graphics in the eBook are optimized for viewing on a monitor, and therefore have a lower resolution than is required for printing. If the eBook is printed, then some of the pictures and images in the eBook will not come out as clearly as in the original printed book. If you wish to print out pages, you will probably get the best results from the PDF version of the eBook.

Yes. There is no expiry date on your eBook download. It cannot be lost or stolen. You can download the eBook from our site up to 3 times without additional support.

If you have used up your allowed downloads, you can still contact us for support. We keep a record of all purchases of eBooks. If you have purchased an eBook from us and need to download it again, just contact us and we will make it available to you. Email us at support@ebooksbridge.com with any problems regarding your eBook.

All eBooks are downloaded from “Previous Orders” under “My Account”. We do not email any of our eBooks. To download, log into your eBooksbridge account and visit “Previous Orders”. On this screen, you can select the order in question and click the “View” button. On the next screen you will see the format available to download on your order. Click “Download” and you will start downloading the file. Depending on your device and your internet browser, the file may be automatically downloaded to your “Downloads” folder or it will prompt you to select a location to save the file.