Death in Duplicate

by Carole Coplea

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Jitendra Agrawal wrote:

A MODERN MYSTERY RELATED WITH BRIDGE – An excellent Read- Page turner

“Death in Duplicate” by Carole Coplea

Masterpoint Press, Toronto 2013 , Only $13.00 at Amazon

This book has an excellent mystery plot. Keeps you want to read more and more. It reflects the attitude and mentality of Duplicate Bridge players, which can be very aggressive ,and fiercely competitive although a good majority of players show common decency.

The book has not much to do with the game itself but the author creates an intricate tapestry of relationship between the various players. A college Faculty club setting creates the expectation of a high standard of academic decency which is really not the case making the suspense to build up.

To be sure there is just the right amount of sexual imagery, especially the description of an exotic dancer's performance.

When I finished reading the book I wished the story had continued another 200 pages.

Date Added: 01/03/2014 by Jitendra Agrawal

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