Clever Plays in the Trump Suit

by David Bird

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Ian Totman wrote:

This is an excellent book on how to improve your play by properly managing the trump suit. In fact, I found it so important that I think a title of “Essential Plays in the Trump Suit” would better describe the material it covers.
The writing is clear and the style is light and enjoyable. The format works well too – two to three chapters explaining a group of related topics followed by a quiz to help ensure you remember the material by working through examples.
Some of the topics that resonated with me were:
- Recognizing when to draw trump (and how many rounds to draw)
- Recognizing and combining chances
- Handling bad breaks
- And playing in 7 (or fewer) card fits
Very good book aimed at the intermediate+ group.

Date Added: 12/30/2013 by Ian Totman

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