25 Bridge Conventions You Should Know

by Barbara Seagram and Marc Smith

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L. Shafer, Silver Spring, MD wrote:

It is very hard to find a bridge book that won't leave dents in your forehead (when they hit you in the head as you fall asleep). For that reason, never get a hard cover bridge book. Not only is this a reasonable sized softcover, but you can read it without your eyes glazing over. The information in it is dispensed in 3 areas of the book. 1) Learn these first; 2) More complicated; and 3) sophisticated stuff. If you are a beginner player (with some basics under your belt), you can start with this book and grow into it. If you are a bridge teacher, you will find valuable tips and facts (like who is Sam Stayman? - the man who invented the Stayman convention). I am a bridge teacher in Maryland and I have not only bought the book, but am recommending it highly to all my students as well as an excellent resource/reference book for teachers as well. One of my students had to buy two copies - her husband kept "borrowing" hers. BTW, this book recently won the 1999 American Bridge Teachers' Association's Book of the Year Award for Beginner/Intermediate category.

Date Added: 01/07/2009 by L. Shafer, Silver Spring, MD

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