Standard Bidding with SAYC

by Ned Downey and Ellen Pomer ("Caitlin")

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Bill (athene) Frisby wrote:

SAYC-a standardized,universally agreed bidding system-is a great idea, and nowadays with the proliferation of online bridge and frequent pickup parternships, it's potentially more useful than ever. Unfortunately (and amazingly) there hasn't until now been a single, definitive 'SAYC' text. The authors have made a splendid job of remedying this.They work systematically through constructive,defensive, and competitive bidding, as well as leads and carding, in a friendly, approachable style, lightened by frequent humourous asides and historical tidbits. All the major bugbears are addressed(is Jacoby 2NT now 'standard'? Is 1C-2NT forcing? Is 1C-1D 1H-1S natural or fourth suit?) and whenever there's a choice of ways to play, they always give the 'official' position, while always making the reader aware of the alternatives. Basically, any two players who have read this book should be able to agree to 'SAYC' and, without further discussion, start playing-which is what SAYC was all about in the first place.

Date Added: 12/16/2008 by Bill (athene) Frisby

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