Linda's picks for experts

One of my favorite recent books is Frank Vine’s North of the Master Solver’s Club. If you like reading and participating in bridge bidding panels you will know that it is South who always has the problem. Frank tells a story of the much abused North. But that is only one of the many humorous stories that Frank has to tell us. For my money this is the best bridge book of the year. (It has been nominated for the International Bridge Press Association Book of the Year). You will love this book, laugh out loud and learn something too.

I also love Sabine Auken’s bridge autobiography I Love This Game. It is centered around the finals of a world championship match in Paris. It is exciting and fun but you also have a chance to learn some of the tools of the top womens pairs in the world.

To Bid or Not to Bid (the law of total tricks) is a modern bridge classic. If you are not familiar with Larry Cohen's ideas then this is a must read. It has revolutionized competitive bidding.

And while we are talking about competitive bidding, Neil Kimelman’s Improve Your Bidding Judgment presents some interesting ideas about how to make decisions in competitive auctions and then lets you try your hand at a large number of real life problems.

When I started work on converting Larry Cohen’s My Favorite 52 from software to a book I was surprised at how interesting the deals were. But what really surprised me was the insight into how a world class player like Larry Cohen thinks about bridge. It took me to places I had never been before. You will love the book, the software or the ebook. Take your choice.

Countdown To Winning Bridge is no longer available in hard copy but the ebook (or the software) is yours to buy. I remember being told that counting is what distinguishes an advanced player from an expert. This book by Tim Bourke and Mark Smith simply and clearly explains what you need to know and gives you a lot of practice too. I still play with the software from time to time to refresh my skills.

Other books experts may enjoy are: Advanced Bridge Defense, The Setting Trick, Roman Keycard Blackwood, Competitive Bidding In The 21st Century, The Complete Book of Bols Bridge Tips, Somehow We Landed In Six Notrump and Bridge Endplays for Everyone.


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