Being a Better Bridge Partner

Regardless of your experience level in bridge, a good partner is worth their weight in gold. When a person has a good partner, not only is their game enhanced, but their partner’s game is enhanced. Unlike mac poker, in bridge you have the luxury of having a partner as opposed to playing the game alone. In addition, the game becomes much more fun when you have a great partner. Here is some advice to help make you a great bridge partner.

To Err is Human

There is no such thing as a perfect bridge player. You may think that you are the perfect player, but the reality is that you are not. As such, your partner at some point will make a mistake. When that happens, don’t overreact. The time to talk about each other’s errors is not during the game, but afterwards. Politely discuss the errors that you saw in a calm manner and in a way that makes it seem that you want to help improve their game. If you come across as calm and collective, your partner will be much more open to the criticism and will respect you more.

At the same time, own up to your mistakes. Don’t let your partner think that they were the cause of your loss. This is especially helpful if you are clearly the better player. If they see that you are willing to own up to your mistakes and you don’t come down on them, they will strive to play better.

Take the Lead as the Experienced Player

If you have a partner that is clearly a weaker player, then it is up to you to take the lead and help make this partnership work. Make sure that your leads, bids, and signals are easy to interpret. Also, don’t give your partner a contract that you know they cannot play. If the hand is going to be a rough one, conservative play is the best option.

Be Pleasant at the Table

Regardless of how the hand is going, keep pleasant during the game and make sure to use your poker face. Do not show displeasure when your partner makes a mistake or get gleeful when they make a brilliant play. For one, this may be considered bad form as you may be accused of sending signals. Next, be sure to encourage your partner. If they are doing well, give them words of encouragement after the game. If they screw up, don’t come down hard on them. Still try to put a positive spin on it so that they don’t feel worse. They will respect you more for this.

Essentially, you want to treat your bridge partner as if they are a friend. While you may or may not go out to dinner or play poker together on us poker sites, you will want to treat them like you treat your friends. The reality is that at the table, your partner is your friend until the game is over. Whether they make their contract or fall short, keep in mind that this is just a game and games are supposed to be fun. Keep this in mind and both of you will enjoy the game more.

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