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Question: What is Honors eBooks?

Answer: Honors eBooks is an imprint of Master Point Press for books that are published straight to ebook format (Master Point Press is not printing the books in bulk).  All of the books in this imprint have been selected because they contain material of merit. Some Honors eBooks will be availalbe in a paperback as a print-on-demand product.

Question: How does an Honors eBook differ from a Master Point Press book?

Answer: The Honors eBook author has written and prepared the material.  It is up to the author to have their material edited or proofread.  All Master Point Press published books are edited and proofread by staff or contractors of MPP.

Question: Why doesn’t Master Point Press want to publish these titles?

Answer: Usually the editors decided that the market was too small to warrant the cost of printing the book.  It is generally not cost effective to print very small numbers of books.  Very high level books or books on specialized topics tend to have small but devoted audiences.  In some cases the amount of material may be too small to warrant publication.  If a title has fewer than 100 pages, an ebook may be the most sensible format.  Finally, some authors prefer to have their titles published only as ebooks.

Question: Is there any other difference between Honors eBooks and Master Point Press books?

Answer: Honors eBooks use a standard imprint cover and standard design.  The material in Honors ebooks may be available from other sources.  The author may chose to sell a version of the ebook on Amazon, for example.  The content may be the same (that is up to the author) but the book will have different links, and bookmarks and cover and will not be called an Honors eBook.  We expect that the title will be the same but that is up to the author.

Question: Why is it better to buy bridge books on ebooksbridge.com?

Answer: All Honors eBooks have been selected by the editors, who are experts in bridge books.  Books are selected because the editors believe the books are of high quality.  There is no such selection process on Amazon (for example),  authors simply create a book and upload it to Amazon themselves.  


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