Partnership Bidding - A Workbook (eBook)

25th Anniversary Edition

by: Mary Paul

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Have you ever had a bidding misunderstanding, even with your regular partner? Of course you have – it’s really hard to be sure you’ve covered every possible sequence, and even if you can do that, you have to remember what you decided. Whatever your preferred system, Mary Paul’s Partnership Bidding is the perfect way for you and your partner to work through all the common situations and record your agreements. The interactive ebook edition makes it as easy as filling out a convention card – only in much more depth.

Go through the questionnaires, check the boxes, fill out the explanations, and voila! You’ve created your own system book, just like a top professional pair. You can do it in consultation with your favorite partner, or even better, each do it separately and compare your answers. Either way, you’ll have a complete record of your bidding and carding agreements with a minimum of effort.

Try it now – download the free sample to see how the process works.

Mary Paul
Mary Paul
Mary Paul (d. 2019) was born in Romania and moved to Canada in 1950. In 1977, Mary was the first woman to win the open Canadian National Teams Championship (CNTC). She won the event again in 1993. In addition, she won seven of the nine Canadian Women Teams Championships (CWTC) held between 1980 and 1991. She represented Canada ten times in World Championships, winning two bronze medals.

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