Trick One

An Honors eBook

by: David Bird

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The Right First Move

A huge percentage of failing contracts go down because declarer did not play optimally on the first trick. Similarly, countless contracts are allowed to slip through because the defender in third seat made the wrong play.

With 125 instructive deals, David Bird covers all aspects of the first card played from dummy, the first move by the defender in third seat and the card chosen by declarer from his hand.

Parts I and II contain chapters on declarer play — with topics such as Avoidance Play, Winning in the Right Hand, Blocking the Defenders’ Suit, Setting up a Squeeze, Deceptive Play and Setting up an Endplay — and defense — with topics including Unblocking, Managing Defensive Entries, Deception, Signaling and Disrupting Declarer’s Plan. Parts III and IV contain 44 problems, with each solution triggered by a necessary play at trick one.

Perfect your cardplay at trick one and you will be difficult to beat!

Critics’ Viewpoint
Dale E. Turner, an actor, said, "Some of the best lessons we ever learn are learned from past mistakes. The error of the past is the wisdom and success of the future." Correct -- but it is still true that, despite numerous admonitions from teachers and authors, many bridge players do not think at trick one. They immediately and blindly plow forward. To try to cure this trait, David Bird has written "Trick One".  He is a good author who explains things clearly and he covers the ground thoroughly. — Phillip Alder  04/07/2020
Clear and concise.  As expected from the title, the main problems relate to the first trick. Still, many deals require discussion of events after that. perhaps 25% of the deals are intermediate-level, the rest advanced to expert. — The Bridge World  11/27/2019
In Trick One, it is the instructional that predominates, although entertainment is there too, both in the deals themselves and in the author’s habitual clear and sometimes wry presentation of them.  The central point, as the title suggests, is the importance of taking care before playing to the first trick;  an important lesson for novice and intermediate players, indeed one that even some experts could usefully apply more consistently. Each chapter ends with a set of ‘Points to Remember’ that usefully summarize the key lessons and will be an aid to revision. — A New Bridge Magazine  08/21/2018


David Bird
David Bird
David Bird (UK) is the world's most prolific bridge writer, with 141 bridge books to his name. Known for the clarity of his writing and explanations, he has won the American Bridge Teachers Association Book of the Year award a record eight times. His celebrated humorous fiction series, featuring the cantankerous Abbot, has run for over 45 years. His books have been translated into eight languages.

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