Teacher Resource Material for A Taste of Bridge

by: Jeff Bayone

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A selection of lessons and other teacher materials used for teaching to accompany Jeff Bayone's A Taste of Bridge.

Along with the notes come six weeks of free online bridge (bestebridge.com). All an instructor need do is email Honors Bridge Club a list of their students. It's about a $20 value-added feature....about the same price as the book. Contact honorsbridge@gmail.com for more information.

A Taste of Bridge

About A Taste of Bridge: Jeff Bayone’s Honors Bridge Club in New York is the largest in North America, perhaps in the world. This book is based on their beginners’ course, a series of six lessons that have started thousands of people on the road to enjoying the world’s most popular card game. This book is intended to give the reader a taste of bridge, and whet the appetite for more.

Jeff Bayone
Jeff Bayone
Jeff Bayone (New York) is the owner of Honors Bridge Club, which may be the world’s biggest club. He has been teaching bridge for more than 40 years.

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