Multi-Landy: The killer defense versus one notrump

An Honors Book

by: David Oakley

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When the opponents open one notrump, you are faced with a dilemma. Versus a strong notrump, the opponents have the power; versus a weak notrump, they force you or your partner to compete at the two-level.

Multi-Landy ( aka Woolsey) comprises four components:

• Multi. 2♦ shows a 6-card or longer major.

• Landy. 2♠ shows both majors.

• Cappelletti. 2♥ or 2♠ shows a 5-card major and a 4-card minor.

• Woolsey Double. Shows either a 6-card minor or a 5-card minor with a 4-card major or a strong hand.

Multi-Landy is a unified convention that has three key advantages.

• The same set of bids and the Woolsey double are used against all opening one notrump HCP ranges.

• The four components of Multi-Landy allow all hand types to be shown: a long major, majors, major-minor 2-suiters with defined length, a long minor and strong hands.

• Advancer has a set of structured responses defined for all types of auction.

The tactics in this book evolved from analysis of thousands of computer generated deals to determine the statistics of successful overcalls. Using these recommendations, you can effectively compete for part-scores, bid your games and occasionally slams.

David Oakley
DAVID OAKLEY is a retired electronics engineer, who learned to play bridge as a teenager in England. He and his wife, Pauline, immigrated to the USA in 1966, eventually settling in Southern California. He has played Multi-Landy with several partners since 1998.

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