If I Only Had a Heart: Bridge over the rainbow

by: Alex Adamson, Harry Smith and Bill Buttle

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Fictional bridge clubs, from Victor Mollo’s Menagerie to the monks of David Bird’s St. Titus Abbey, are familiar backdrops for writers. Perhaps therefore it’s surprising that no one has gone ‘over the rainbow’ before. It’s not a surprise, though, to find that everyone in Oz is a keen bridge player, even the Scarecrow and the Tin Man. The Lion is as cowardly a player as you would expect, and the witches of all flavors are deliciously wicked. The Wizard himself, of course, is a visitor from Down Under…

Some of these stories have appeared in BRIDGE magazine, and in AUSTRALIAN BRIDGE, but all are collected here in book form for the first time. Bill Buttle’s illustrations add to the fun.

Critics’ Viewpoint
In this humorous and nicely put-together book, the action takes place in a local bridge club, called the “Over The Rainbow Bridge Club”, peopled by characters from the book: Dorothy, Aunty Em, Uncle Henry, the Lion, the Scarecrow, the Tin Man, the Witches, and, of course, the Wizard himself. They also take their personalities from the characters in the book. The Lion, for example, exudes great self-confidence at first glance, but, at the table, when the going gets tough, his courage fails him, just as in the book. Writing bridge humour is not straightforward; it can easily be heavy or over the top. But I liked this one. The tone is good, and the hands are exciting and well analysed. I have found it a really good read. I hope they’ll write more. Recommended. — Bridgetidningen, Sweden  08/08/2017
A delightful excursion into fantasy bridge. The hands are most entertaining and often instructive. A thoroughly enjoyable book. — ABTA Quarterly  12/13/2016
On the train down from Scotland and Harry thrust the proof copy at me. I stopped reading in London! I couldn't put it down! Harry and Alex, in their second venture, have produced something pretty unique. A bridge book with characters we can all recognize, and which is not only funny and entertaining but instructive and very well analyzed. I believe I am the first 'outsider' to read it but I certainly won’t be the last. As soon as it comes out I urge everyone to buy it; you won't be disappointed. — Roy Bennett, British and Scottish international  10/04/2016


Alex Adamson
Alex Adamson
ALEX ADAMSON has played for the Scottish Open team, and for Scotland and Britain at junior level. He is a historian and project manager. He is married with two grown-up children. Alex has written two books for Master Point Press, both of which were written jointly with Harry Smith. He has also written a number of books on aspects of Scottish history.

Harry Smith
Harry Smith
HARRY SMITH is a retired actuary who has played bridge for fifty years. He has represented Scotland in the Senior Team on five occasions with three different partners. He was captain of the Scottish Senior Team that won the Bronze Medal at the European Teams Championships in 2012, going on to captain them to the quarter-finals of the D’Orsi Bowl in 2013. Having published many bridge articles, he is the author of two bridge books for Master Point Press, both written jointly with Alex Adamson.

Bill Buttle
Bill Buttle
Bill Buttle (Arnprior, Ontario, Canada) is a former dentist who took up drawing cartoons post-retirement. His 'Two's a Crowd' and 'Double Bill' features have been syndicated in newspapers across Canada. Bill's bridge humor is familiar to North Americans since it appears regularly in the ACBL's monthly Bridge Bulletin (circulation approx. 200,000). Read our exclusive interview with Bill Buttle on Teachbridge.com -- http://teachbridge.com/index.php?id=617

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