Close Encounters Book 1: Bridge’s Greatest Matches

1964 to 2001

by: Eric Kokish and Mark Horton

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Close Encounters is a two-book series that describes some of the most memorable bridge matches of the last fifty years. It features titanic struggles for World and National titles, involving the greatest players from North America and Europe. There are amazing comebacks, down to the wire finishes, overtime victories, and an insight into how the game has changed over the last half century.

Book 1 starts with Italy's asserting its supremacy over Great Britain in 1964, and ends with Germany's dramatic Venice Cup win over France in Paris, in 2001.

Critics’ Viewpoint
Jam-packed with instructive and entertaining deals from an era populated with many of the game's all-time greatest players. — National Post  09/18/2018
The analysis is thorough and enlightening.  Most impressive, however, is how the authors connect with the human side of the game. You're part of the action right up to the very last board.  At which point you'll realize you've been holding your breath for an awfully long time. — ACBL Bulletin  12/18/2018
These reports provide much more background and detail that appeared in contemporary reports, drawing on the authors' personal contact with one or more of the players. The authors are not constrained by the space issues of magazines, so they can analyse interesting deals in more detail while omitting prosaic ones. As well, the authors often explore the thinking behind the decisions of the players, thereby providing readers with greater insights. — Australian Bridge (David Morgan)  12/28/2018
The Foreword promises 'contests that will have you metaphorically sitting on the edge of your seat.'  The book more than lives up to its billing.  The commentary is thorough without being tedious, filled with anecdotes, humour and descriptions that put the reader at the table for each deal. If anything, the Foreword understates the thrills provided by this collection. — The Bridge World  01/29/2019


Eric Kokish
Eric Kokish
ERIC KOKISH (Canada), an ACBL and CBF Hall-of-Famer, and four-time WBF open medalist, has made his mark as a player, coach, analyst, consultant, editor, columnist and author. He lives in Toronto with his wife Beverly Kraft.

Mark Horton
Mark Horton
Mark Horton (born 1950) is a British author, journalist and expert on bridge, as well as a former lawyer and chess champion. He was editor of Bridge magazine for many years, and is currently editor of BeBridge, as well as being Chief Editor to the World Bridge Federation and the European Bridge League .

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