Enhanced Precision Convention Card

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by: Ron Beall

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Enhanced Precision Convention Card

From Ron Beall, author of Enhanced Precision: Fourth Edition

"I have here provided a free copy of the convention card Tom Devine and I use. 

The ACBL website has links to several different convention card editors.  The one I prefer is Chuck Tesler's Convention Card Editor.  It is very easy to use yet flexible and powerful.  It even lets you use card symbols easily, automatically adjusts font size if you need to enter more text than normally is expected for a field, etc.  Plus it is free!

Follow link www.conventioncardeditor.com to download and install the software on your computer.  Once you install the software, open it, start a new card, and do a Save As.  You will notice a directory open in the lower middle portion of the box.  On my computer, that directory is C:usersuserdocumentsCCE. 

When you have downloaded the file from the Master Point Press website, you will have to copy it to the CCE directory above.  Once you do that, you will be able to open the card in Convention Card Editor, make any changes you wish, including using your own names, special treatments, etc.

When you have made whatever changes you desire, be sure to save the card.  You can then print the card, or send it to your partner for approval.  I create a different card for each partner (even some who don't play precision!).  It is so much easier to just print a card rather than looking all over the house trying to find your card for a partner with whom you don't play much.


The convention card and convention card editior reccomended above are for Windows users only. If you do not have Windows or cannot download the convention card editing software please click 'View a sample PDF of this eBook' above for a PDF version of the convention card.

Ron Beall
Ron Beall
RON BEALL (Bellingham, WA) is a Diamond Life Master who has won over dozens of regional pair and team events and one major national championship (Six Session National Open Swiss Teams). He is the author of several articles on bidding in the ACBL Bridge Bulletin and in The Bridge World Ron lives with his wife Jennifer (Ruby Life Master) and Darth (Vader), his adorable toy poodle.

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