The Canterbury Bridge Tales

by: David Silver and Tim Bourke

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A disparate group of travellers meets by chance at a motel while on the way to the Nationals in Canterbury, Florida, and naturally they begin swapping stories. Sound familiar?  Professor Silver returns in a new collection of short stories, in which literary parody is interwoven with Tim Bourke’s brilliant bridge hands.  Murder, mystery, sex and the supernatural – and that’s just in the first three tales.

Critics’ Viewpoint
Silver follows the familiar Chaucerian pattern with accounts such as "The Bronze Life Master's Tale", "The Kibitzer's Tale", and my personal favourite "The Wife of Bathurst Street's Tale". The tales are long on humour but shorter on bridge deals. The deals that appear, however, are meticulously researched by Australian Tim Bourke, the world's foremost collector of interesting bridge hands. But the focus is on the people, not the hands. This is a perfect summer book: sit in the shade of your deck and enjoy the passing parade. I know I did. — Belleville Intelligencer  07/25/2016
The stories are clever and engaging, while Bourke provides challenging deals that blend into the narrative. Fiction readers must suspend disbelief, and [this book] will reward anyone who does so. — The Bridge World  01/22/2016
Anyone familiar with Chaucer’s original will appreciate that this is an ideal setting for bridge tales told by a selection of the many people who play the game. In this version, Silver has cleverly adapted a number of story lines from non-bridge authors, some well-known, others less familiar. Not all the tales will appeal to every reader, but even if the tales are not to your liking, be sure to test yourself on Tim Bourke’s bridge deals, for each is a challenge to all but expert players. — David Morgan, Australian Bridge  12/30/2015
Entertaining – Silver has a great deal of fun, and Bourke’s deals are good. — ACBL Bulletin  11/04/2015


David Silver
David Silver
David Silver (1935-2017) is known for his hilarious tales of life as an educator, and for literary classics retold in a bridge setting. For more than twenty years, his wickedly witty bridge writings have appeared in the page of such publications as The New York Times, the ACBL Bulletin, The Kibitzer, and Canadian Master Point. 

Tim Bourke
Tim Bourke
Tim Bourke is a world-renowned collector and creator of interesting bridge hands, which he regularly supplies to authors such as David Bird and David Silver. He also personally owns what is probably the world's largest bridge library and is often consulted as an expert on matters of bridge bibliography. He lives with his wife Margaret, an Australian international player, in Canberra, Australia.

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