Further Adventures at the Bridge Table

An Honors eBook

by: Roy Hughes

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Sparkling Card Play Awaits...

This book takes the reader further along the path traversed by the acclaimed Card by Card. The author presents intriguing problems in declarer play and defense and follows them with comprehensive analysis, given with a light touch and the occasional entertaining diversion.

I think it is fair to say there will be something here for everyone interested in card play, for those who wish to improve as well as those who wish only to enjoy.
— Sami Kehela

The critics on Card by Card:

Hughes writes with a gentle authority that endears him to readers and I can thoroughly recommend this book to players at or seeking to attain a high level of play.
— Julian Pottage

This book is as well-written and tightly-knit as its predecessor, Building a Bidding System. We look forward to many more efforts from this engaging writer.
— International Bridge Press Association

Critics’ Viewpoint
A rewarding collection of high-level cardplay problems -- Roy Hughes' retirement continues to be productive. — David Morgan, \'Australian Bridge\'  01/16/2015
I’d give this latest “Adventure” from Roy Hughes five stars out of five! — National Post  03/25/2014


Roy Hughes
Roy Hughes
ROY HUGHES is a Canadian bridge expert who has played in a number of World Championships. His background in mathematics and linguistics has led him to think a great deal about the theory and structure of effective bidding systems. Roy is also an accomplished musician, a talent he shares with his wife, Erika. </br> Read our exclusive <a href="http://teachbridge.com/index.php?id=147" target="_blank">interview with Roy Hughes on Teachbridge.com</a>

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