Free Material from Beginning Bridge

by: Barbara Seagram and Linda Lee

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A selection of free material from Barbara Seagram's Beginning Bridge by Barbara Seagram and Linda Lee, geared towards helping teachers in the classroom.

This download includes:

Download 1: Chapter Summaries
Download 2: 'Remember These' from each chapter
Download 3: Deals + Instructions
Download 4: Deals For Print
Download 5: Individual Hands
Download 6: Chapter Quizes
Download 7: Quiz Answer Key
Download 8: Scoring
Download 9: Rubber Bridge Scoring
Download 10: Glossary

About the Book: It doesn't matter whether you know a heart from a spade right now - by the time you finish this book you'll be able to enjoy a social game of bridge with your friends.

Barbara Seagram's 25 Bridge Conventions You Should Know continues to be a bestselling book year after year, and her books on the game have more than 250,000 copies in print in four languages. This new book, for complete beginners, is based on the material that Barbara uses in her own classes to introduce hundreds of new players to the game every year.

Every aspect of the game of bridge is covered - bidding, declarer play, defensive cardplay and scoring - with user-friendly tips, stories and quizzes to help you have fun while you learn. As well, Karen Lampert's cartoons will bring a smile to your face and help you remember key points as you work through the lessons. Use this book on your own or with three friends - it works equally well both ways. And at the end of it, you'll be able to play the most popular card game the world over.


Barbara Seagram
Barbara Seagram
Barbara Seagram (Toronto, Canada) ran one of the largest and most successful bridge clubs and bridge schools in N. America. After selling the club in 2007, she now concentrates solely on teaching and organizing her popular bridge cruises. An ABTA Master Teacher, Barbara has been involved in many of MPP's most successful titles, most notably 25 Bridge Conventions You Should Know. With more than 200,000 copies in print in English alone, this book is the bestselling bridge title since Charles Goren was writing in the 1950s. It has been translated into Japanese, French, Danish and German.

Linda Lee
Linda Lee
Linda Lee (Toronto, Canada) is a retired project management executive who now spends much of her time playing bridge and writing about the game. A multiple Canadian champion who has represented her country several times at the world level, her blog is one of the most popular bridge blogs on the net. Her books range from beginner texts to a revised and updated edition of Clyde Love's classic Bridge Squeezes Complete.

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