25 Ways to be a Better Defender Part 3 of 3

Becoming a Great Defender

by: Barbara Seagram and David Bird

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Bridge: 25 Ways to be a Better Defender Part 3 of 3: Becoming a Great Defender includes:

Section 3 Becoming a great defender
Chapter 19 Unblocking honors
Chapter 20 Destroying declarer's communications
Chapter 21 Promoting trump tricks
Chapter 22 Playing a forcing defense
Chapter 23 Cashing your tricks
Chapter 24 Defending deceptively
Chapter 25 Putting declarer to a guess

Defense is the hardest part of playing bridge, but that doesn't mean that it's impossible to learn. In the final book of the bestselling '25' series, the authors explain how to make a plan as a defender: how to work out from the auction and play what declarer probably has, and which of the strategies available to defenders is likely to be successful. Opening leads, signaling and discarding are all covered in this basic guide to a vitally important topic.

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Barbara Seagram
Barbara Seagram
Barbara Seagram (Toronto, Canada) ran one of the largest and most successful bridge clubs and bridge schools in N. America. After selling the club in 2007, she now concentrates solely on teaching and organizing her popular bridge cruises. An ABTA Master Teacher, Barbara has been involved in many of MPP's most successful titles, most notably 25 Bridge Conventions You Should Know. With more than 200,000 copies in print in English alone, this book is the bestselling bridge title since Charles Goren was writing in the 1950s. It has been translated into Japanese, French, Danish and German. A brief interview with Tracy Mumford from the Minnesota Public Radio on the show “Fargo,” with a 10 minute interview (at the end) with Barabara Seagram talking about a beginner’s guide to bridge. Interview https://www.mprnews.org/story/2017/04/27/aw-jeez-fargo-recap-minnesota-likes Apr 27, 2017

David Bird
David Bird
David Bird (UK) is the most prolific bridge author of all time, with 138 titles to his credit. He is the holder of a record eight American Bridge Teachers’ Association Book of the Year awards.

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