Modern Constructive Bidding

by: Marshall Miles

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The logical follow-up to the author's best-selling Competitive Bidding in the 21st Century, this book deals with the latest expert thinking on constructive auctions at bridge. As usual, Miles' ideas are cutting edge, and not everything he recommends will appeal to everyone. However, also as usual, he challenges his readers to think and question what they are currently doing, and convince themselves that it is indeed the best approach.

Critics’ Viewpoint

"There are a lot of solid, commonsense principles and mainstream expert practice here. But there are a few wrinkles as well (it is Marhsall Miles, after all). As always, though, Miles' opinions are certainly worth considering."

— International Bridge Press Association

"The author is refreshingly candid in his assessments. Miles readily concedes that not everyone will agree with his views. No one, however, can deny Miles' intellectual depth and flexibility: in order to pursue the best results, he has been willing to change his mind on a variety of topics throughout his career. Definitely for advanced players. A."

— ACBL Bulletin

"A worthy successor to Miles previous volumes."

— Australian Bridge

"Miles is one of the most respected thinkers in the game - and he's nearly 80. This book was a finalist for book of the year, voted on by the International Bridge Press Association. It's intended for advanced players who want to discuss bidding ideas with their partners. Miles' comments are always controversial, always cutting edge."

— Belleville Intelligencer


Marshall Miles
Marshall Miles
Marshall Miles (1926-2013), who was a leading theorist on bidding, authored many books on bridge, including the all-time classic How to Win at Duplicate Bridge. His long and successful playing career includes a World Senior Teams Championship in 2004. He was one of the oldest players to win the World Senior championship and won several North American Championships.

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