The Bridge Magicians

by: Mark Horton and Radoslaw Kielbasinski

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This is two books in one. You can treat it is an advanced text on declarer play, trying to solve each problem hand as it comes up. Or you can just relax and enjoy finding out more about these Polish stars who have won more international medals than the players from any other country over the last twenty years.

Critics’ Viewpoint

"Do not play for big money against any of the players featured!"

— Bridge Plus magazine

"Deserves to be embraced by the expert bridge community, particularly since few of the deals and players are as well-known as they should be."

— ACBL Bulletin

"A really fascinating book of top-level combat."

— BRIDGE magazine

"The card-reading and tecnical skills [of the Polish Stars] are impressive. The format - with bridge-movie-like questions for each deal diminished the spectacular aspects by revealing the reasoning of the players. [However] this manner of presentation makes the book more useful to a much greater number of players, for it assists the read to develop [his own] skills."

— The Bridge World


Mark Horton
Mark Horton
Mark Horton (born 1950) is a British author, journalist and expert on bridge, as well as a former lawyer and chess champion. He was editor of Bridge magazine for many years, and is currently editor of BeBridge, as well as being Chief Editor to the World Bridge Federation and the European Bridge League .

Radoslaw Kielbasinski
Radek Kielbasinski is an international banker as well as being president of the Polish Bridge Federation. He also moonlights as a bridge journalist.

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