Matchpoint Tricks

by: Ib Axelsen and Villy Dam

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A collection of declarer play problems in matchpoint pairs. How do you manufacture that vital overtrick, or, just as importantly, give the defenders a chance to go wrong? A book for all duplicate players.

Critics’ Viewpoint

"I like this book a lot. The authors have made a good choice of material, covering an interesting range of topics."

— Bridge Plus

"A thoroughly enjoyable set of 58 (you'll wish there were more!) challenging problems and cogent solutions geared specifically to the matchpoint game."

— The National Post

"A welcome addition to the literature - this book will help to elevate an unaware matchpoint enthusiast to a new level of effectiveness."

— The Bridge World


Ib Axelsen
Ib Axelsen is a well-known Danish bridge journalist and publisher.

Villy Dam
Villy Dam is a Danish international and a prominent bridge writer and teacher.

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