The Bridge World's Test Your Play

by: Jeff Rubens

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North America's oldest and most prestigious bridge magazine, The Bridge World features a monthly column entitled 'Test your Play', which presents difficult problems in declarer play for readers to solve. This is a collection of some of the best of these from the last twenty years; if you can solve even half of them, you may be one of the best declarers in the world!

Critics’ Viewpoint

"A fine collection of hands, but you should definitely heed the author's advice to only tackle a few problems at a time."

— The Bridge Shop, Australia

"There is one big advantage to writing magazine articles before putting them into book form: if you make a mistake or overlook an alternative, you will receive mail from sharp-eyed readers and can then adjust or expand your analysis. You know what to expect [here]: difficult declarer problems that may break new ground. Have fun!"

— The Bridge World

"Really meaty problems, not for the faint-hearted!"

— The Herald

"The problems are tough but fair, and will well reward your investment of both money and time."

— National Post

"A difficult book which repays time and effort spent on it, and as a consequence, extremely good value for money."

— Bridge Plus

"An excellent collection; a challenging batch - not for beginners."

— The Denver Post


Jeff Rubens
Jeff Rubens
A mathematician by training, Jeff Rubens was a college professor for over thirty years; but he has been a bridge writer and editor for more than forty. He co-founded and edited The Bridge Journal and has been editing The Bridge World since 1967. A highly successful player, Jeff won national championships during the sixties and seventies, and represented the United States in the 1973 Bermuda Bowl. He gave up tournament bridge in 1975 to spend more time with his family but has continued to be a prolific author of books and articles about the game.

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