Larry Cohen's Bidding Challenge

by: Larry Cohen

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Match your bidding skill against the world's top pairs!

So you think you can bid like an expert? Here's your chance to prove it! Try bidding the hands in this book with your favorite partner, and then compare your results with those from the prestigious international pairs tournaments where they were first played. Scoring is IMP Pairs, and is based on the actual datums recorded in each tournament. Afterwards (or instead if you prefer) you get to read Larry Cohen's wry comments on how each of the hands should be bid, and where he and the other experts went wrong (which they frequently did!).

Larry Cohen
Larry Cohen
A former computer programmer and options trader, Larry Cohen was for many years a full-time bridge professional and part-time golfer. Now retired from serious competition, he travels from his home base in Boca Raton, Florida, to fulfill his numerous lecturing engagements, and he writes regularly for several magazines. He has twenty national championships to his name, as well as two world championship medals. He is perhaps best-known for his classic book, To Bid or not to Bid, which at the time was the best-selling book on the game since Charles Goren's heyday (it has since been surpassed by 25 Bridge Conventions You should Know).

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