Canadian Master Point: September, 1994 Issue

by: Ray Lee (ed.)

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This is a reprint of the September 1994 issue of Canadian Master Point magazine.

In this issue:

  • Hunting the Great White Whale by David Silver
  • Which opponent should you squeeze? by Roselyn Teukolsky
  • Dear Editor... by "Trent Valley"
  • EPSON without tears by John Cunningham
  • A framework for discussion (part 13) by Mary Paul
  • Bridge puzzle by "Pipeg"
  • CNTC 94 by Fred Gitelman
  • The World Bridge Championships by Tom Dawson
  • Refining the Law of Total Tricks by Chuck Messinger
  • Transfers over a 2NT rebid by Lapt H. Chan
  • More restricted choices by Eric Sutherland
  • The San Francisco convention revisited by Ed Burgan
  • Be a better partner by Joe Seigel
  • Cue bids for beginners by Barbara Seagram
  • Reviews: Bridge Olympiad, The Daily Bridge Calendar 1995, The Official Encyclopedia of Bridge, Bridge Tutor

Ray Lee
Ray Lee
Ray Lee (Toronto, Canada) has been playing and writing about bridge for more than 40 years. A former bridge columnist for the 'Toronto Star', he has also been editor of various bridge magazines, and has written for such varied periodicals as the ACBL Bulletin, BRIDGE magazine, Bridge Plus, Australian Bridge, and world championship Daily Bulletins. He is a former president of the Canadian Bridge Federation.

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