Canadian Master Point: October, 1995 Issue

by: Ray Lee (ed.)

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This is a reprint of the October 1995 issue of Canadian Master Point magazine.

In this issue:

  • The prisoner of Zelda by David Silver
  • Hands from here and there by Fred Gitelman
  • Giving something back by Sheri Winestock
  • Bali high by Eric Sutherland 13Bali quiz by John Carruthers
  • World bridge camp 1 by Ray Lee
  • Bourbon St. bridge by Ray Lee
  • All the world's a bridge article by Roselyn Teukolsky
  • Sharples/Marx over 1NT (part 2) by Ken Braithwaite
  • The Toy Shoppe — Competing over 1NT by John Gowdy
  • In memoriam: Dr. Gordon Shorting
  • The source of good deals by Prakash J. Paranjabe
  • Mood swings by 'Trent Valley'
  • Ask the Bridge Doctor by Karen Allison
  • The Elementary Squeeze by Forrest Smith
  • A history of conventions (2)

  • Ray Lee
    Ray Lee
    Ray Lee (Toronto, Canada) has been playing and writing about bridge for more than 40 years. A former bridge columnist for the 'Toronto Star', he has also been editor of various bridge magazines, and has written for such varied periodicals as the ACBL Bulletin, BRIDGE magazine, Bridge Plus, Australian Bridge, and world championship Daily Bulletins. He is a former president of the Canadian Bridge Federation.

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