How Good Is Your Bridge?

by: Danny Roth

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Rate your bridge game with this fascinating quiz book on declarer play and defense. The author presents a series of card play problems, and assigns the reader a score based on how close to the optimum solution they get. Readers can expect their scores to improve as they work through the book, inevitably learning as they go.

Critics’ Viewpoint

"There are many bread and butter plays - both on offence and defence - that the aspiring player is unlikely to recognize the opportunity for without having seen them before. This book is an excellent source to get more familiar with these plays. A good read, and an excellent stocking stuffer for the bridge player on the list."

— The National Post

"A very good book! The ambitious bridge-student will learn a lot from it."

— Frank van Wezel, Netherlands

"The examples have good points and are instructive for any intermediate player, and the publisher suggests that the reader will not be able to work his way through the book without improving his game. I agree!"

— Jon Sveindahl, Norway

"Effective instruction through thoroughness, with copious examples and self-tests. The clear diagrams and tight organization are laudable."

— The Bridge World


Danny Roth
Danny Roth
Danny Roth, of London, England, is a professional bridge teacher and writer with more than twenty books to his credit. His most recent MPP offering, 'How Good is Your Bridge' won the Best Book for Intermediate Students Award in 2008 from the American Bridge Teachers Association.

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