25 More Bridge Conventions You Should Know

by: Barbara Seagram and David Bird

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Are you ready for the next 25 conventions?

If you're comfortable with the material in Barbara Seagram's best-selling first book, then you're ready to move on to the more sophisticated bidding gadgets in this one. Even if you don't want to add all these to your own system, you need to be familiar with them because you'll find your opponents using them. Once again, each convention is clearly and simply explained, and you'll see how it fits into any standard bidding system if you decide to use it. Each chapter includes a helpful summary of the key points and a quiz with full explanations of the answers.

- Ace-and-king (Italian) cuebidding
- Bergen Raises
- Cappelletti
- D.O.N.T.
- Exclusion Blackwood
- Fit-showing Jumps
- Flannery
- Forcing 1NT
- Four-suit transfers
- Gambling 3NT
- Ingberman
- Inverted Minor Raises
- Leaping Michaels
- Multi Two Diamonds
- Namyats
- Pick-a-slam 5NT
- Puppet Stayman
- Responding to Three-bids
- Snapdragon Doubles
- SOS and other Redoubles
- Stayman continuations
- Support Doubles
- Unusual over Unusual
- Weak Jump Shifts

Barbara Seagram
Barbara Seagram
Barbara Seagram (Toronto, Canada) ran one of the largest and most successful bridge clubs and bridge schools in N. America. After selling the club in 2007, she now concentrates solely on teaching and organizing her popular bridge cruises. An ABTA Master Teacher, Barbara has been involved in many of MPP's most successful titles, most notably 25 Bridge Conventions You Should Know. With more than 140,000 copies in print in English alone, this book is the bestselling bridge title since Charles Goren was writing in the 1950s. It has been translated into Japanese, French, Danish and German.

David Bird
David Bird
David Bird, who lives near Southampton, England, has written more than 100 books on the game. Despite spending much of the year travelling, he still finds time to write new stories every month for a host of magazines around the world, usually featuring his best-known characters, the monks of St. Titus Abbey. He is also a regular commentator on BBO broadcasts of top-level competitions.

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