The Complete Book on Overcalls - Part 3 of 3

Continuing The Auction

by: Mike Lawrence

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The Complete Book on Overcalls - Part 3 of 3: Continuing The Auction includes:

CHAPTER FIFTEEN: Overcaller's Rebids
CHAPTER SIXTEEN: Continuing the Auction when Partner raises your overcall

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For the complete book see the following title:
The Complete Book on Overcalls in Contract Bridge (2nd edition)

Originally published in 1980, this book quickly became recognized as a 'must-read' for any would-be bridge expert, and has never been out of print. Now, almost 30 years later, the author has revised, updated and expanded it to take into account modern developments in the theory and practice of competitive bidding. Anyone serious about improving their game needs to own a copy of this book.

Mike Lawrence
Mike Lawrence
Mike Lawrence (TN) has Hall of Fame credentials both as a player and a writer. An original member of the Dallas Aces, he has won three world titles and eighteen national titles. Several of his books are widely regarded as classics of the game.

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