Bridge Behind Bars

by: Julian Pottage and Nick Smith

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“There was a loud metallic thud as the outside door closed behind Timothy Newman. So this is my new home then, he thought. Prison. Clink. The slammer. Prison is no place for an ordinary, law-abiding, middle-class guy like me, he reflected. Not even Great Yarborough Prison.”

But it turns out that prison life in Great Yarborough has a silver lining for Tim — bridge. An expert player, he finds that his ability earns him unlooked-for respect amongst his fellow-prisoners, many of whom pass their ‘time’ at the card table. This is a bridge novel filled with unusual characters and great deals -- and a bridge game that gives new meaning to the term 'cut-throat'!

Critics’ Viewpoint

"A lively and unusual title."

— MidWest Book review

"... fantastic hands, and the way the cast of characters twist and bend all existing and even non-existing bridge rules and etiquette, makes this book a real treat!"

— Jon Sveindahl, Norway


Julian Pottage
Julian Pottage
Wales) is best known as a bridge problem constructor, and his many awards include IBPA Book of the Year. His most recent book for MPP was Defend or Declare?

Nick Smith
Nick Smith
Bridge Behind Bars was a second bridge book for Nick Smith (Oxford, England). His first was the acclaimed Bridge Literature (Cadogan, 1992) which consisted of a series of parodies of well-known works of English Literature, e.g. Macbeth, Doctor Faustus and Paradise Lost, re-cast as bridge stories. For instance, it features King Lear playing a series of hands with his three daughters to determine who will inherit the kingdom.

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