On the Other Hand

Bridge cardplay explained

by: David Bird and Larry Cohen

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A New Way to Learn Bridge Cardplay

In this unusual book, David Bird and Larry Cohen combine to present cardplay instruction in a new way. 100 pairs of deals are shown — one described by David and the other by Larry. The deals look similar (in some cases very similar) but an entirely different line of play is necessary to make each of the contracts. Only by clearly understanding the techniques involved will you be able to tackle such deals when you encounter them at the table.

Critics’ Viewpoint
I want to congratulate [Master Point Press] and David Bird on your book “On The Other Hand”. It is the best bridge book I have read in years! I hope and David will continue your collaborations. Using a similar format, a book on defense would be most welcome. — John Jentzer  08/12/2019
Bridge’s most prolific author and arguably its best teacher have collaborated for the first time, and the outcome is a very readable and highly instructive book for improving players. The basic principle is simple: each of the eleven themed chapters has a series of paired deals, one from each author - 200 deals in total. The deals in each pair are similar, sometimes almost identical, but the correct play is different, sometimes markedly so. What this does is make it very clear that while you can learn all the essential techniques to fulfil your contracts, you also need to know which one to apply when, and that in turn means not just recognising what you think is a familiar situation or pattern from a book or a lesson, and automatically applying the approach advocated there. The interplay between the authors adds a human element which makes the reading more enjoyable, and that helps the learning process. — A New Bridge Magazine  04/16/2019
A very readable and highly instructive book for improving players. — A New Bridge Magazine  07/11/2019
I purchase most books by David Bird and Larry Cohen and have taken several lessons from Larry.  This new book is the best of all the books I have and I cannot imagine a more valuable and exciting book on the market.  — Terry Hines  07/25/2019


David Bird
David Bird
David Bird (Southampton, UK) is the world’s most prolific bridge writer. A six-time American Bridge Teachers’ Association Book of the Year award winner, he has over 135 books to his name. David’s columns appear regularly in the ACBL Bridge Bulletin, A New Bridge Magazine, English Bridge, Australian Bridge and other periodicals around the world. He is married with a daughter, a son and two grandchildren.

Larry Cohen
Larry Cohen
A former computer programmer and options trader, Larry Cohen was for many years a full-time bridge professional and part-time golfer. Now retired from serious competition, he travels from his home base in Boca Raton, Florida, to fulfill his numerous lecturing engagements, and he writes regularly for several magazines. He has twenty national championships to his name, as well as two world championship medals. He is perhaps best-known for his classic book, To Bid or not to Bid, which at the time was the best-selling book on the game since Charles Goren's heyday (it has since been surpassed by 25 Bridge Conventions You should Know).

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