Teacher's Manual for Planning the Play of a Bridge Hand Part II

by: Jonathan Shute

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Looking for a Better approach to teaching declarer play?

A presentation-ready Teacher’s Manual for the second half of the ABTA award-winning book, Planning the Play of a Bridge Hand, by Barbara Seagram and David Bird. This completes the conversion into classroom format begun in Jonathan Shute’s Planning the Play of a Bridge Hand, Teacher’s Manual for Part I.

Six two-hour lesson plans are laid out with a word-by-word script, a review handout to give to the class and hand records for the set up of full hands. The course is aimed at players with some experience, up to and including intermediates who want to solidify their basic declarer play and add to their thinking and technique repertoire—in other words, the vast majority of bridge players. 

This course will help your students learn and practice the concepts surrounding more advanced finesses (such as two way and ruffing finesses), entry management, trump management, keeping the danger hand off lead, hold up plays, combining chances in a hand, and counting the defenders’ hands in order to place crucial cards.

Critics’ Viewpoint
The advice and the manual are practical and well thought out. The writing indicates a vast amount of teaching experience behind the recommendations and clear step-by-step instructions. — Larry Cohen in The Bridge World  02/17/2017


Jonathan Shute
Jonathan Shute
JONATHAN SHUTE (Sackville, NB) is well known in Atlantic Canada as a bridge player (Gold Life Master), teacher, and writer. He believes wholeheartedly that bridge should be a fun game, and strongly supports the concept of Zero Tolerance for impolite behavior. Jonathan has a degree in Psychology from the University of New Hampshire, and an MBA from Dalhousie University in Halifax, and is a retired Business Administrator.

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