Close Encounters: Bridge’s Greatest Matches

by: Mark Horton and Eric Kokish

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Coming July 2018

The most memorable bridge matches from the last forty years, featuring titanic struggles for World Championship and National titles, involving the greatest players from North America and Europe. There are amazing comebacks, down to the wire finishes, overtime victories and an insight into what it takes to win a match against determined opponents.

Mark Horton
Mark Horton
Mark Horton (born 1950) is a British author, journalist and expert on bridge, as well as a former lawyer and chess champion. He has been the editor of Bridge Magazine since 1995. The magazine was founded in 1926 and is the world's oldest bridge magazine, and it is now distributed through Chess & Bridge in the UK. He currently lives in Bath with his wife Liz.

Eric Kokish
Eric Kokish
Eric Kokish is best known these days as a professional bridge coach, writer and editor, though he made his mark in the game as a player and analyst (notably as the lead writer for the annual World Championship Books starting in 1979 and as a director of The Bridge World's Master Solvers' Club. Through their company, International Bridge Services, based in Toronto) Eric and his wife Beverly have been working with partnerships and teams with international ambitions in more than 20 countries since 1985 with consistently gratifying results.

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