Bridge Over the Rainbow

Sequel to 'If I Only Had a Heart'

by: Alex Adamson, Harry Smith and Bill Buttle

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A sequel to If I Only Had a Heart, once again featuring Dorothy, the Tin Man and the rest of the gang at the Over the Rainbow Bridge Club. Some of these stories have appeared in BRIDGE magazine, and in Australian Bridge, but all are collected here in book form for the first time. Bill Buttle's illustrations add to the fun.

Critics’ Viewpoint
The sequel to 'If I only had a Heart' is even funnier than the original, filled with laugh-out-loud moments. In the hands these vicious misanthropes, a hand record is a weapon.' — ACBL Bulletin  08/12/2019
[This is basically] a collection of interesting bridge hands set in a fictional narrative containing players with a range of human, and characteristically bridge, foibles. It would be unreasonable to expect the humour to reach the standard of Mollo or Bird, but the authors make a good fist of it, and we can all recognize some of those annoying and (rather rarer) endearing character types from our own bridge worlds. — A New Bridge Magazine  05/23/2019


Alex Adamson
Alex Adamson
Alex Adamson (Linlithgow, Scotland) is a Scotland Open Team player. Additionally, he has captained the Scottish Open, Junior and Women's teams. After a successful European Championships in 2018, he captained the women in the Venice Cup in Wuhan in 2019.

Harry Smith
Harry Smith
Harry Smith (Scone, Scotland) has represented Scotland in both the Open and Senior Teams. As NPC, he captained the Senior Team to a European Bronze Medal in Dublin in 2012, and to the quarterfinal of the World Championships in Bali the following year, the story of which is told in Scotland’s Senior Moment.

Bill Buttle
Bill Buttle
Bill Buttle (1940-2020) was a former dentist who took up drawing cartoons post-retirement. His 'Two's a Crowd' and 'Double Bill' features have been syndicated in newspapers across Canada. Bill's bridge humor was familiar to North Americans since it appears regularly in the ACBL's monthly Bridge Bulletin (circulation approx. 200,000). Read our exclusive interview with Bill Buttle on --

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