Startup Bridge – And Beyond

An Honors eBook

by: Lynn Berg

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I've Got Your Back!

Nothing is scarier than not knowing what to expect—as we all know, knowledge is power. I'm here to inform you, encourage you and help you (and your partner) help yourselves. Use this book as a way to get into the mysteries of bridge and its most challenging form, duplicate. Sure, knowledge of basic bidding protocols is necessary, but so is knowing what to expect, how to develop a partnership, what's going to happen as you play in various events, and how to deal with mistakes and setbacks.

Use this book like an extended glossary—it will give you the barebones start which will allow you to make an educated move to more information when you want it.

Never forget: bridge is for fun!

Critics’ Viewpoint
Oh, how I wish I had had this book when I started playing duplicate as a brand new bridge player! — ACBL Bulletin  01/08/2020
Full of both practical advice and moral reassurance. — A New Bridge Magazine  04/10/2019


Lynn Berg
Lynn Berg
LYNN BERG (Florida) has been a member of the ACBL for over 55 years. In that time she has been a player (Sapphire LM), a club manager and director, a director and teacher on cruises, a Tournament Director, a unit and district official, head of ACBL's Education Foundation, a teacher and a bridge writer. She contributes monthly to the ACBL Bridge Bulletin and is currently club manager for the Deland Bridge Club. She also enjoys reading, knitting, gardening, cooking and any kind of travel. She likes to say, "If I am in the room, someone is having a good time!"

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