Frank Stewart's Bridge Club

by: Frank Stewart. Foreword by Eddie Kantar

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Frank Stewart's Bridge Club is no ordinary place. It is the regular haunt of a cast of somehow familiar players: Unlucky Louie, against whom no one ever makes a wrong bid or play; Grapefruit, a man with an unnaturally sour disposition; Cy the Cynic, who knows that the Fates will conspire against him whatever he does; Minnie Bottoms, who tends to mix up jacks and kings but always somehow finds the killing play by mistake; Will Rogers, who never met a hand he didn't like; Frank himself, whose dry wit will keep you coming back for more; and many others. Pick up bridge pointers, try the quizzes, and have a great time while you do it.

Critics’ Viewpoint


— New York Times

'Anyone familiar with Frank Stewart's bridge column will appreciate his cleverness in packing so much bridge insight into a small space. Even those who do not see it regularly are sure to find his new book, "Frank Stewart's Bridge Club", delightful. It is a collection of ninety-six quizzes, overwhelmingly on declarer play, based on material published in his syndicated column. A book for bridge aficionados who like a good read as well as some challenges.'

— ACBL Bulletin

"Certainly a 'Bridge Club' that will provide hours of good fun - and without having to leave the comfort of your own home."

— The National Post


Frank Stewart
Frank Stewart
Frank Stewart is one of the most distinguished bridge writers and journalists in North America, with over twenty books to his credit. A major contributor to the Official Encyclopedia of Bridge and a regular writer for the ACBL Bulletin, he is perhaps best-known today as the author of the nationally-syndicated 'Daily Bridge Club' daily newspaper column. He lives in Fayette, Alabama.

Eddie Kantar
Eddie Kantar
Eddie Kantar (Santa Monica, CA) is one of the most popular and prolific bridge writers in the world. A winner of two World Championships, and a member of the Bridge Hall of Fame, his many books include Modern Bridge Defense, Advanced Bridge Defense, the hilarious Kantar on Kontract, and of course, Roman Keycard Blackwood. His work appears regularly in many bridge magazines around the world.

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