Bridge with a Twist

An Honors eBook

by: Simon Cochemé

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A witty and informative look at the world of bridge – its language, its history, and some of its techniques.

• Are pigeons more intelligent than some bridge players?

• What do a wooden man, a grandfather, a daydreamer and a donkey have in common?

• Did Zia really go nine down in 3NT?

Interesting, Educational and Amusing suggests the modest author

Brilliant, Fascinating and Hilarious! writes the seasoned publicist

Destined to be ranked as a classic, alongside its prequel, Oliver Twist

Simon Cochemé
Simon Cochemé
Simon Cochemé is a recent winner of the Alan Truscott Memorial Award for his humorous bridge writing. A regular contributor to various magazines, he has also captained several England teams in international competition.

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