From Short Whist to Contract Bridge

An Honors eBook

by: Hans Secelle and Herman De wael

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This is the English translation of Van Short Whist tot Contract Bridge.

Card-playing by some is regarded as reprehensible,
and by others as contemptible:
I do not agree with either.
I look upon cards in general as a rational amusement.
In some instances indeed they administer to evil;
but which of man’s enjoyments does not ?
         (Q. Quanti — London, 1822)

In From Short Whist to Contract Bridge, the author takes the reader on a fascinating journey through space and time and introduces him to such games as Karnöffel, Whist, Hombre, Quadrille, Boston, Cayenne, Vist-Preferans, Russian Whist, Yeralash and Stormwhist.

These old and mostly forgotten games will eventually lead to the assembly of a number of ‘proto-bridge’ variants, of which only Collinson’s Biritch or Russian Whist will survive the labor pains. In its turn, this ‘mother of all bridge variants’ will be superseded by its more sophisticated successors: bridge-opposition, auction bridge, royal auction bridge, plafond and, finally, contract bridge, the world’s most popular card game…

Hans Secelle
Hans Secelle
HANS SECELLE (Schelderode, Belgium) is an expert chess and shogi player who turned to bridge in 1991. Having taken an interest in 18th and 19th century card games, he decided to investigate the transition from short whist to contract bridge and published his first book, Bridge — The history of a card game, in 2014. As his research continued, blind spots were dentified, errors were corrected and more missing links were discovered, to the extent that reworking his first book became an absolute necessity.

Herman De wael
Herman De wael
HERMAN DE WAEL (translator) has been an international tournament director since 1993. He has visited European and World Championships since 1988 and was the regular scribe for the Appeal Committees of the European Bridge League since 1998. When the Appeal Committees were abolished, he continued to be on the staff of European and World Championships, often as assistant reviewer. His main interests outside of bridge are the Olympic Games, on which his website has been made complete up to 1956. He is a keen quizzer, and has competed in the Antwerp Quiz Federation since before he was born.

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