Two-over-One: A First Course

by: Bill Treble

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Designed for players who are familiar with standard bidding, this book covers all aspects of switching over to a 2/1 Game-forcing approach. It’s a comprehensive eight-lesson course, and includes dozens of full-deal examples that can be used to practice bidding and cardplay.

Critics’ Viewpoint
One of the clearest, easiest-to-understand 2/12 books on the market.  By the end, readers should feel confident making the switch to 2/1. — The ACBL Bulletin  09/06/2017


Bill Treble
Bill Treble
Bill Treble (Winnipeg, Canada) is an expert bridge player and former bronze medalist in the Canadian Teams Championship. He is a two-time winner of the Canadian Open Pairs Championship, in 200 and 2002. His wife Sue, a bridge teacher, wishes Bill would listen to the advice in this book.

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