Bridge Conventions in Depth Part 3 of 4

Defensive and Cardplay Conventions

by: Matthew Granovetter and Pamela Granovetter

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Bridge Conventions In Depth Part 3 of 4: Defensive and Cardplay Conventions

These wonderful agreements and gadgets turn your everyday bidding system into something personal, something that fits the exact style that you and your partner want to play. And now you can choose from some seventy expert-level ideas to add to your bidding arsenal, quickly and painlessly. In this book you'll find:

Defensive and Cardplay Conventions: learn more about Trump Suit Preference, Obvious Shift carding, the Slam Spade Double, the Lead-directing Pass, and many more.

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Matthew Granovetter
Matthew Granovetter
Matthew Granovetter (Cincinnati. Ohio) is perhaps best known as the founder and editor (with wife Pamela) of Bridge Today magazine, now available only in its online edition. A top-class player, he has won National titles and represented the USA at the world level. Several of his books are regarded as modern classics on the game.

Pamela Granovetter
Pamela Granovetter
Pamela Granovetter (with husband Matthew) is the publisher of Bridge Today and Bridge Today Digest, as well as the founder of the Bridge Today Online University. They are the author of a number of books, many of them award winners. They also write Partnership Bridge, a popular feature in the ACBL Bulletin. They live with their two children in Cincinnati, OH.

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