25 Steps to Learning 2/1 Part 2: More Advanced

by: Paul Thurston. Foreword by Eric Kokish

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Are you ready to switch over to today's most popular new bidding method? If you know how to bid using Standard American,you can make the move to the modern Two-over-One system using the 25 easy Steps contained in this book. Among the topics covered are:

Bridge: 25 Steps to Learning 2/1 Part 2: More Advanced
Step 13 In a Minor Key
Step 14 Notrump Responses to Minors
Step 15 Raising Partner's Minor
Step 16 Rebids Over Minor-Suit Openings
Step 17 After Notrump Responses to Minors
Step 18 After a Minor Suit is Raised
Step 19 Fourth Suit Forcing (FSF)
Step 20 Weak Jump Shifts
Step 21 New Minor Forcing
Step 22 Ingberman Over Reverses
Step 23 Over a Takeout Double
Step 24 The Opponents Overcall
Step 25 Is That All There Is?

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Paul Thurston
Paul Thurston
Paul Thurston, who lives in South Ontario, Canada, divides his time between golf and bridge. He is the bridge columnist for Canada's National Post newspaper, and has been teaching and writing about bridge for many years. A former national champion, he has represented Canada in world competition both as a player and captain.

Eric Kokish
Eric Kokish
Eric Kokish is best known these days as a professional bridge coach, writer and editor, though he made his mark in the game as a player and analyst, notably as the lead writer for the annual World Championship Books starting in 1979 and as a director of The Bridge World's Master Solvers' Club. Through their company, International Bridge Services, based in Toronto, Eric and his wife Beverly have been working with partnerships and teams with international ambitions in more than 20 countries since 1985 with consistently gratifying results.

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