Duplicate Bridge Schedules, History and Mathematics

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by: Ian McKinnon

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The Bridge Movements Encyclopedia

Duplicate Bridge Schedules, History and Mathematics is an essential book for tournament directors as well as bridge players curious about the history of the game of duplicate bridge. This comprehensive volume supplies you with all the movements ever thought of and many hundreds of new ones. Included for each movement are the variations, modifications, origins, authors and history of its development. Each movement is then assessed for its measure of quality, called calibre.

The author presents a brand new event type, the Scissor movement -— run like any Howell movement. In this type of event the players play as pairs as usual, but also have their teammates as another pair, never meeting each other. This allows the event to be scored both as teams and pairs, producing a winning team and a winning pair.
Duplicate bridge players will find the history of their favorite game most intriguing. The book delves into the lives of well-known figures such as John T. Mitchell and Edwin C. Howell. When did they live, what did they contribute to bridge, and what were the politics of their time? In addition, many lesser-known historical figures are examined for their contributions to the development of duplicate movements.

For the mathematically inclined there are plenty of interesting oddities. The mathematics of balance of movements, giving the measure of quality, is thoroughly discussed. The controversial debate over movement quality, along with its history, is presented through the ideas and opinions of players and mathematicians.

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Critics’ Viewpoint
An extraordinary work. Includes much that will be of interest to the historically curious or the mathematically inclined – it is much more than just a compilation of guides for directors. — Australian Bridge  03/25/2014
Spectacular. McKinnon introduces the challenges of tournament logistics against the historical background of attempts to meet them. The theory is supplemented by an equal portion of practical information and advice for directors and tournament organizers, covering both normal and emergency situations over a vast array of game forms and entry sizes. McKinnon has basically spent a lifetime collecting, analyzing and organizing the material in this remarkable volume. — Jeff Rubens  11/07/2012


Ian McKinnon
Ian McKinnon
IAN McKINNON is a mathematician, expert bridge player, tournament director, author and computer professional. Through circumstance, around 1970, he started tournament directing at a major bridge club in Sydney which eventually led to him being the senior Tournament Director within the Australian Bridge Federation during the 1970s. He produced his first book, Bridge Directing Complete, in 1979. All those years of experience, and the last ten years of intense research and computer programming, have resulted in this book.

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