Bridge Squeezes Complete: Winning Endgame Strategy

2nd Edition, revised and edited by Linda Lee & Julian Po

by: Clyde E. Love, Linda Lee (ed.) and Julian Pottage (ed.)

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This book was first published in 1959, and quickly became one of the classics of the game. Generations of bridge players have learned the fundamentals of squeeze play from Love. The original version has been out of print for some time, however, and it is now being republished in its first revision in 50 years. In its new modernized form, the concepts and terminology are much more accessible, and the book includes a number of squeeze concepts that have been discovered since the first publication.

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Critics’ Viewpoint
Hello Linda, I want to thank you for redoing this book by Clyde Love. I had read his original edition many years ago, and never quite understood the main points. I'm so glad I bought your revised edition, because you did a great job making it easy to understand. I love the exercises and problems, and am looking forward to my next bridge game so I can apply what I've learnt. Again, thank you very much for an excellent job! — Michael Young-Lai  05/02/2013
“This book is a generous and comprehensive 384 pages. Master a third of the material, and your game will improve immensely.” — The Denver Post  01/31/2012

‘This has been one of the classics of the game for five decades [and] this second edition is a vast improvement over the original. Lee and Pottage... have updated the text, modifying existing examples or even replacing them where necessary. They have provided solutions and explanations [and] have also filled in gaps, including trump squeezes (previously missing) and squeezes discovered in the years after the book was first published. As a result, the contents live up to the title.’

— Australian Bridge

"I found myself glued to the pages. The text has been lovingly updated -- auctions reflect current methods, examples have been reanalyzed, and lots of new examples added. This is the bible for understanding and executing squeezes. Even if you think you'll never encounter (or recognize!) one of these positions in real life, the examples in the text are terrifically enjoyable. A+. "

— ACBL Bulletin

"Superb! many revisions, updates and new examples have made this text more accessible to the modern reader and created a must-read for serious students of the game."

— The National Post


Clyde E. Love
Clyde E. Love
Clyde E. Love (1882-1960) was a professor of mathematics at Ann Arbor, Michigan. He was (obviously) an expert on squeeze plays, and wrote books on both bridge and mathematics.

Linda Lee
Linda Lee
Linda Lee (Toronto, Canada) is a retired project management executive who now spends much of her time playing bridge and writing about the game. A multiple Canadian champion who has represented her country several times at the world level, her blog is one of the most popular bridge blogs on the net. Her books range from beginner texts to a revised and updated edition of Clyde Love's classic Bridge Squeezes Complete.

Julian Pottage
Julian Pottage
Wales) is best known as a bridge problem constructor, and his many awards include IBPA Book of the Year. His most recent book for MPP was Defend or Declare?

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